The official opening of the Leuna Lechesa Building
on 28 January 2005

1. Preparations

It was decided to name the new building after Leuna Lechesa, because he had been very influential to start SSB and immensely supportive until his untimely death in 2003.

All people who had supported the SSB Trust in its endeavours were invited. Representatives of the donors came over from The Netherlands to visit Lesotho and be present at the opening ceremony.

The Honourable Minister of Education and Training, Mr K M Tsekoa, had accepted to officiate at the ceremony, to unveil the plaque and open the building officially. Mr Tsekoa has extensive experience in alternative forms of education, as he was for some years the Director of the Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre. Many education officials had also been invited, as well as the media (newspapers, TV and Radio). The Official Opening was announced over the radio and in the newspapers (See the article in Mopheme of 25 January 2005).

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SSB prepared itself with rehearsals of the choir, cleaning the site, installing a shade on the terrace, where the ceremony would take place. The plaque was ordered and installed. Our prayers for good weather were answered and the ceremony started in time with the arrival of the Honourable Minister.

2. Ceremony

The Patron of SSB, Professor Dr ZA Matšela, who is also a SSB Trust member was the Master of Ceremonies. He invited the SSB Choir to sing a hymn and then Mr Tsepo Mosoeu, another SSB Trust member, to bless the Ceremony with a prayer.

opening 01

 Drs Gerard Mathot then explained the history and aims of
 Seliba Sa Boithuto.

opening 04

After the explanation Mrs Pam Pokane, also a SSB Trustee, thanked the donors for the funds which made it possible to obtain the site and build the Leuna Lechesa Building. She asked local business to support SSB in future and requested the Minister to use his influence to improve the road to the site.

opening 05 After a song by the SSB choir Mrs Pauline Klöters-Mathot was asked to say a word, representing the donors.

opening 07
One of the learners then said a few words, followed by a previous learner.
One of the parents of the learners also expressed her appreciation for SSB and encouraged the learners to take this opportunity seriously.

opening 09

The Deputy Principal Secretary for Education, Mr Odilon Makara, who had been a member of the Initial Steering Committee of SSB in 1991, then introduced the Minister of Education and Training.
The Minister praised the concept of SSB. It supported the efforts of Government to improve access to education. He hoped that such alternative education centres would be built also in the other districts of Lesotho. He expressed his gratitude to all the donors for their generous contributions.

Then all guests stood up from their seats on the terrace and walked around the building to the entrance where the Minister would open the building officially.

opening 09

opening 09

First he unveiled the plaque and
then he asked Mrs Makopo Lechesa,
the widow of Leuna Lechesa, to assist him in cutting the ribbon to the entrance of the building.

opening 09

After the cutting of the ribbon, the guest entered the building, admired the facilities and enjoyed the refreshments provided by the Maseru Sun and the music by the LIQI Jazz Band.

The opening ceremony was reported on radio and TV that evening of the 28th of February and Mr Tsokolo 'Muso of the Lesotho Academy of Arts wrote a column in Lesotho Today.

opening 15

People present at the Official Opening of the Leuna Lechesa Building

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