10th anniversary

At the occasion to the 10th anniversary of Seliba Sa Boithuto a feast was organised at the 27th April 2002 to which many people and organisations were invited:
Parents and friends of learners, officials from the Ministry of Education, sister organisation from LANFE (Lesotho Association of Non-Formal Education) and friends of the society. Also the media had been invited.

A commemorative magazine was published and given to all participants. The magazine contained various articles explaining Seliba Sa Boithuto, but also congratulations from interested friends, stories by learners and a view of the future by Leuna Lechesa.



Odilon Motsoakapa Makara Odilon Motsoakapa Makara
Chief Education Officer, Tertiary and
Member of the Initial Steering Committee

It has been brought to my attention that Seliba Sa Boithuto has completed ten years of outstanding and commendable service to the youth of this country. Congratulations! U re holele!

Ten years ago, the concept of Seliba Sa Boithuto was sold to me by Gerard Mathot and, in his usual persuasive style, he was able to convince me to buy into it. It was a brilliant idea, long overdue in every respect. It was something that this country needed, a new outlook and approach to learning - an approach, which called for a change of mindset.

Seliba Sa Boithuto lays emphasis on taking responsibility for one's learning. Isn't this a good preparation for real life? Isn't this the best way to avoid the dependency syndrome?

I must admit that, though I was readily attracted to its philosophy, I was a bit unsure about its smooth take-off. Would it attract the support it needed to be a viable and hence sustainable? Knowing the spirit behind it, however, I concluded that there was no reason why it shouldn't. So, when I was approached to garner support of the Ministry of Education, I pleaded with my own conscience that if any obstacle should obstruct the project, such obstacle should in no way be associated with the Ministry of Education.

Perhaps the most important feature of Seliba Sa Boithuto in carrying out its mission is the affordability of its fees and the friendly environment that it provides. All that is required is perseverance and the will to learn.

In conclusion I must say that I am very happy that the Sisters of the Good Shepherd continue to be associated with the success of the Centre. As their product myself, I commend them for this invaluable contribution. This exemplifies what I have always known them to personify.


Prof. ZA Matšela Prof. ZA Matšela
Patron of Seliba Sa Boithuto

Individual persons have varying interests and individual ways of adapting and of learning things. These are due to their differing personality traits, attitudes, knowledge acquisitions and levels, as well as other qualities that make them unique individuals. People react differently to various influences and factors. They, therefore, do not and cannot learn in the same way under similar circumstances or from the use of similar methods or instructional strategies / approaches. However, every person can develop his/her own ways of learning under specific contexts and circumstances.

Research from across the world has indicated abundantly that the varied use of individualized instructional approaches can benefit all learners. Individualized instruction includes the use of tutor-student and small-group tutorials, which allow for individual attention and assistance, use of individualized programmed instruction, of individual assignments, peer-guidance, researches, projects or other self-planned and self-directed learning situations combining any of these approaches. Important in all of them are: the learner's freedom to choose what to learn, when and how to learn it and the circumstances most useful or preferable to him/her to achieve the best quality learning. Some educational institutions facilitate these.

Seliba Sa Boithuto is an individualized learning institution, based temporarily at Emmanuel Hostel, but soon to move to its own grounds. It has a wide array of self-instructional resources, including books, references, computers, etc. But it has no enrolled teachers to undertake or provide teaching to students. Its students are, however, guided to undertake self-instruction and to provide guidance to their peers. There is always someone, knowledgeable about the facilities and resources of the institution, to provide required guidance to individuals or small groups who need it. Self-direction is the major approach followed at the institution.

The institution has until now (early 2002) enrolled over 1000 students studying for Junior Certificate, School Certificate and for commercial and other courses/programmes.

Several students have succeeded in their examinations, through the use of individualized study modes and there are good reasons for this: the individual students are so highly motivated that they use the institution's resources freely, without external push or pull by anybody else; they make their own choices of what to study, when and how... and all these add to their interest and urge them to further work.

As experience has proved students who know how to study/work for long periods on their own, develop self-discipline and individual qualities of effective learning. These qualities are critical in tertiary and higher education studies, as well as in the later life of work. Acquiring these qualities would be valuable to many, of not all, people. This is the way of work at Seliba Sa Boithuto.

Seliba Sa Boithuto is not a school in the normal way we know schools. But it is a learning centre of a special kind, with a special vision and mission. It provides facilities and resources to facilitate some measure of self-instruction. However, the institution needs more and more resources, especially if specialized guidance and reference materials. We hope it will be assisted to grow so as to benefit larger numbers of indigent, but educationally challenged youth.


Sister Jacintha On behalf of the Good Shepherd Sisters,
Sr. Jacintha M Sebabole SCIM
Sisters' Representative on the 2002 Steering Committee

As Good Shepherd Sisters, we are ready to follow Christ's example, taking care of the needs of the Church and also the needs of the nation. Many people, especially youngsters, are endangering themselves. They sometimes find themselves in hot water, if they are not helped in an appropriate time and place. As a result, they do things, which are inhuman, and at the end of the day, they trust no one on earth.

Our Congregation is well known to the people; we are always available to help those in need. We will go to every corner for our apostolic work, mission and charisma. We are like a Good Samaritan to all and sundry. The existence of the Emmanuel Hostel is an example of our mission to offer protection to working young women.

The aims of SSB match the objectives of the Good Shepherd Sisters: helping people to learn to be responsible for themselves and their own actions. SSB is as the important as the air we breathe.

We are, therefore, pleased that it has been based with the Good Shepherd Sisters. We are fighting for its future and success.

We are proud of it, because it has been helpful for the youth for many years. We are aware of its fruits. Long live SSB!


Mabeana By Mabeane Ntoko

The Centre doesn't have teachers or lecturers; instead there are some of us working as tutors. We offer a vital kind of help to the independent learners by providing guidance and counselling.

We don't teach or lecture but we help the learners to gain the maximum benefit from the study materials, the recommended books and the peer study groups. We help the learners to make a study plan, we direct them to relevant materials, we bring learners together in peer study groups and, if requested, we help them solve their problems, when they are stuck.

We tutors need to have studied the subject beforehand, then we will be able to help learners, so that they get the most from their studies and they learn to know where to find the answer to their problems.

It is so challenging to deal with all the different backgrounds. It is also very encouraging to see the learners leave the Centre each day in the knowledge that we, as tutors, have assisted them a great deal.

We love tutoring so much. The most inspiring thing about it is that we don't keep the knowledge, which we have, to ourselves, but that we share it.


Mabeana My name is Mosala Raboko.

I am a young full-time businessman.

When Seliba Sa Boithuto was established ten years ago, I was one of the learners who joined. The SSB system of self-study and peer learning gave me the opportunity to study the subject of my choice, anytime I chose to study. I learned to be able to stand for myself (believing in myself).

At present I am the General Managing Director of Raboko Streetwise Business and Community Agency (Pty) Ltd with five staff members. It is a Real Estate and Motor Vehicle Dealing Company.

I thank God for giving the people the wisdom to establish Seliba Sa Boithuto.

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