The SSB Trust:

The SSB Trust has been established with the objective to support SSB by obtaining funds to acquire land, to construct buildings, to provide the necessary facilities, furniture, equipment and learning materials for use by SSB and to organise their maintenance.

The SSB Trust was registered at Registrar of Deeds of Lesotho, on 19 January 1999, Registration No. 25875. The Trustees have all been intimately involved with SSB over the years.

The Trust has acquired funds from relatives, friends and organisations overseas to acquire for SSB its own site and facilities. It will continue to support SSB.

The members of the SSB Trust are:

  • »Mrs Pam E Pokane (Management Consultant in Johannesburg, RSA)
  • »Mr Tsepo Mosoeu (Counsellor, at present studying in Pretoria, RSA)
  • »Mrs Moliehi Khabele (Ministry of Defence, Lesotho)
  • »Drs Gerard B Mathot (Educator in Maseru, Lesotho))

Former members of the SSB Trust, who passed away:

  • »Prof. Dr. Zacharia A Matšela (NUL, Roma, Lesotho, also Patron of SSB)
  • »Mr Leuna Lechesa (Executive Director of Progress PLC in Maseru,
       Lesotho), who passed away tragically in February 2003
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