Seliba Sa Boithuto started because of a dissatisfaction about the regular school system, with its age cohorts, syllabi, time tables and examinations. This structure  makes learning a laborious task instead of a joy. See why did we start SSB.

Seliba Sa Boithuto opened its doors to learners on 2nd February 1992 at Emmanuel Hostel of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, who only charged us a subsidized rent.

In 2002 Seliba Sa Boithuto celebrated its 10th Anniversary. For this occasion a Commemorative Magazine was published, which also contained articles by learners, congratulations and a view of the future by Leuna Lechesa.

In January 2005 Seliba Sa Boithuto moved to its own building, the Leuna Lechesa Building, in order to provide more space for more learners.

History of Seliba Sa Boithuto

We would like to give you all the details of the history of Seliba Sa Boithuto. Please you use the table of content to navigate.

»Why did SSB Start
»10th Anniversary

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