Learners' stories

1. Katisa Motanya

Age:18      Sex: Male     Studying for Junior Certificate

I want to talk about the place called Seliba Sa Boithuto. I like the centre very much, because there we learn many subjects. In order to understand what we learn we speak English. I want to improve my English because I want to become a policeman. I like Seliba Sa Boithuto very much.

2. Ranooe Leoatle

      Sex: Male            Studying for COSC

How does SSB help me?
SSB helps me to study in many ways. First if gives me books to read and I am given enough chance to study them. Self-studying helps very much: in schools there is someone who introduces knowledge before one starts studying; here a learner studies on his own and goes for help only, if there is a problem. Some people, though, think that they only have to study when they are in class being taught by a teacher. Yes, a teacher can teach, but if one is not able to study by oneself, then that person in doomed. At SSB we are advised to study repeatedly, ask help from tutors and then revise. I think that is a good approach and remember: practice makes perfect.

3. Maleshoane Mokhothu

I am a girl of about 18 years old now. I am doing JC. I do four subjects, which are Mathematics, English, Agriculture and Religion. Last year I went to Bishop De Mazenod Secondary School. I was doing seven subjects.I attend the Centre for Self-study, because I want to be serious about study. At SSB the learners can teach themselves, but when they have a problem they go and ask for help from the tutors. After that they must be sure and they understand. At the Centre I also gain many other things, like computer skills.

4. Itumeleng Patricia Mofa

I am a girl of 19 years old. I was a student at Tsepo Christian High School last year. Now I attend the Centre for Self-study. I am in the JC-examination group and I am doing Mathematics and English. At the Centre for Self-study there is no teacher, who stands in front of the students, who tells you "Now you have to do Mathematics or English" like in schools. You have to learn by yourself. If you have a problem you go to the tutors to help you solve it. The Centre for Self-study has everything we need. We are reading books and write exercises just like in schools.  I have gained many things. I now know how to summarise a story and how to solve equations in Mathematics, by teaching myself. I have noticed that I can learn by myself. It is better than being told by a teacher.

5. Mpho Matooane

Age: 16       Sex: Female      Studying for JC

I have been here at SSB for three years. From when I arrived I have seen that SSB is different from schools, because at SSB there are no teachers to teach me, but I have only tutors for my work. Yet, I have seen that at the end of the year I will pass my subjects, just like other students, who have teachers, who teach them everything. I have to pay only R2.00 per day for my study. The books are available to everybody, without paying. Especially I am free to do computer.

6. Tebello Mabokoane

'Na ke le ngoanana ea lilemo li leshome le metsoe mene.

Maikutlo a ka mona SSB ke ana. Ke moithuti oa hona SSB. Ke fihlile hona joale ka selemong sa likete tse peli le metso e 'meli. Ke utloile hantle hore SSB mona. Molemo uo ke lifumang mona ke una. SSB, motho u ithuto ka boena, ha a khahlapetsoe. Hape phapang e teng, hobane ho na le lichompioter. Morena molimo a boloke SSB.

7. Nteboheng Mokitimi

Age: 17       Sex: Female      Studying for Junior Certificate

I am a learner of SSB. I have been here for one year.
SSB is better than when I stay home, because I have enjoyed it more than when I was at home.There are books to study at AAB with the help of the tutors.I say these things, because when I talk with pupils from a school, I look like a person who has a teacher. I have learned many things, especially computer skills.

8. Moipone Mahanetsa

Age: 19       Sex: Female      Studying for COSC

How does SSB help me? SSB helps us in many things. We pay less money and read books freely. We make groups and work together with our own knowledges. It helps us to improve our English. In SSB we have video, computers and books for study. Sometimes tutors come to check our work and correct us. That is all about SSB.

9. Puseletso Alphoncinah Lenkoe

Age: 18   Sex: Female    Studying for Junior Certificate

I started to be a learner at the Centre for Self-study from 2000 and till now I am still learning at SSB. The Centre is very important for me, because before I started to be a learner here I know nothing about how to learn without a teacher. Now I know how. This Centre is very different from schools, where there are teachers. The students do not know how to study without there teachers, for example: Sometimes, when their teachers have gone to a meeting and are not present in class, the students do nothing. They feel very happy, and they play. At SSB, if you play, you waste your time. It is your own responsibility; nobody will ask you, why you are playing. I am very proud of this Centre, because last year I wrote my JC examination and I passed some subjects, which I learned with nobody's help.

10. Tumelo Mokitimi

Age: 14    Sex: Male    Studying for Junior Certificate

I am a SSB learner. I have been here for one year. I say SSB is better than staying at home, because here in SSB I have gained lot of things, especially computer skills. In SSB there are many more books to read than in many schools. We have some tutors to help us with any difficulty. We learn as much as in other schools, because when I discuss with students from regular schools, it seems that I know as much as they do.

11. Mantsali Seeta

I am a girl of eighteen years old. I am doing Form C this year. In future I want to become a nurse. I wish SSB another anniversary in 10 years time. It stayed with us in hard times, when our parents didn't have enough money to pay for our school fees. By now I thank this Centre. It must continue with its work. May God help SSB to go even further.

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